July 8, 2018  /  Lost Element

An exclusive mix for Crystal Kids, with an ace mixture of deep, melodic and chunky psy-progressive from some of my sets this year.


Track listing (many are custom edits of these)

Mind Void – The Thief
Fender Bender, Modus – Elephant
Shadow Chronicles – Black Magic Woman
Fergie & Sadrian – Ganesh
Sawlead Ground – Vengeance (Mind Void Remix)
Ritmo + Suntree – Single Point
Captain Hook, Morten Granau – Lava
Ritmo – War Against The Machines
Modus (ISR) – Mission 51
Fender Bender – Futura
Hujaboy, Libra – Polygon Chain
Libra – Behavior Changes
Modus – Strange Modulation


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