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The Crystal Drop

The Crystal Drop

Turkish / Turkey



THE CRYSTAL DROP a.k.a. Hakan Egemen,who was born in Turkey in 1980, has been passionately in love with music since his early childhood. In the years of 8o’s and 9o’s, his mind was blown away by the decades’ prevailing tendencies varying from electro-funk, electroclash, hypnotic, dreamy new wave and synth-pop sounds to techno, house and disco club hits. During the late 90s and early 2000s, he was familiar with oldschool trance variations such as acid trance, goa trance, hard trance, euro trance, tech trance, uplifting and progressive trance. His relish for deejaying began in 2oo4 and he moved on playing his tunes among friends at house parties in the university years. His selections consisted mainly of progressive house (deep progressive/dark progressive/tribal progressive,etc). In 2oo8, he started working for Pioneer Pro Dj Academy in his hometown. From this moment, he played at several bars, clubs, hotels besides after-hours and private parties. Having paused djing for a few years, he altered his mind in 2o15 and decided to make it up for the lost years. Henceforth, he felt like taking part in psychedelic trance community as a psy-trance dj. Subsequently, he participated in ‘CRYSTAL KIDS’ psy-trance organisation founded in Istanbul and became a resident dj member of it. Since then, he has been seen on the psychedelic platforms and performed in many indoor events, parties, organisations and outdoor festivals in Turkey. Despite the fact that he virtually seems to love each sub-genre of psy-trance, his style and favourite one is zenonesque, psygressive and dark progressive. He mostly prefers sticking to heavy loaded abounding atmosphere, harmony, composition, story and groovy, powerful, satisfactory basslines.


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