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November 11, 2017 [The Hall / The Dance Club]


Event info

Date: November 11, 2017
Location: The Hall / The Dance Club
Address: Küçükbayram Sok.No:7 Beyoğlu Istanbul

Crystal Kids ailesi olarak kimsesiz çocuklara destek amacıyla bir etkinlik düzenliyoruz. Mekan ile paylaşılacak olan kapı gelirinin bize kalan tüm payı kimsesiz cocuklara bagislanacaktir. Sevgi ve saygılarımızla desteğinizi bekliyoruz. ♥
The members of the Crystal Kids family are organizing an event for orphan children. We are going to donate our share of proceeds from the gate ticket sales to orphan children. We kindly await your support, with all our respect & love ♥

✫ The HALL – The Dance ✫
(Crystal Kids)

❂ The Crystal Drop
(Crystal Kids)

(Crystal Kids)

❂ GammaGoblin
(Crystal Kids)

— • DECOR • —
✫ Axis Mundi Project
✫ Vishva Karman
✫ Crystal Kids

— • VISUALS • —
✫ GammaGoblin

— • ENTRY • —
✫ 30TL / €8

01:00 BARG-IN
03:00 PACK

★ Crystal Kids etkinlige uygun bulmadigi kisileri etkinlige almama hakkina sahiptir.
★ Mekan icinde uygunsuz davranis gosteren arkadaslar etkinlikten uzaklastirilir.
★ Bina icerisinde SIGARA ICMEK YASAKTIR. Sigara icilen alan teras veya bina disidir, bilginize..
★ Crystal Kids have the right not to accept participants who are not suitable for the event.
★ Misbehavior is not tolerated.
★ SMOKING CIGARETTES IS NOT PERMITTED in the building. Smoking area is the terrace or outside the building, fyi..



★•••• B I O G R A P H I E S ••••★

❂ PACK ❂
Onur Pekinöz aka PacK was born in Istanbul. He started getting interested in music 15 years ago playing guitar and drums. After completing his DJing course at Connection Records, Turkey; he started mixing tracks as a Dj at 2010. By that time he was playing house / techno. Psytrance was calling him so hard and he started play psytrance in 2013. Since then he played at almost all indoor psytrance parties in Istanbul. In 2014-2015 summers he was in the line up at all outdoor festivals in Turkey. He plays progressive psytrance and twilight as well as psydub as a resident DJ at Crystal Kids.

The Crystal Drop aka Hakan Egemen, who was born in Turkey in 1980, has been passionately in love with music since his early childhood. In the years of 8o’s and 9o’s, his mind was blown away by the decades’ prevailing tendencies varying from electro-funk, electroclash, hypnotic, dreamy new wave and synth-pop sounds to techno, house and disco club hits. During the late 90s and early 2000s, he was familiar with oldschool trance variations such as acid trance, goa trance, hard trance, euro trance, tech trance, uplifting and progressive trance. His relish for deejaying began in 2oo4 and he moved on playing his tunes among friends at house parties in the university years. His selections consisted mainly of progressive house (deep progressive/dark progressive/tribal progressive,etc). In 2oo8, he started working for Pioneer Pro Dj Academy in his hometown. From this moment, he played at several bars, clubs, hotels besides after-hours and private parties. Having paused djing for a few years, he altered his mind in 2o15 and decided to make it up for the lost years. Henceforth, he felt like taking part in psychedelic trance community as a psy-trance dj. Subsequently, he participated in ‘CRYSTAL KIDS’ psy-trance organisation in Istanbul and became a resident dj member of it. Since then, he has been seen on the psychedelic platforms and performed in many indoor events, parties, organisations and outdoor festivals in Turkey. Despite the fact that he virtually seems to love each sub-genre of psy-trance, his style and favourite one is zenonesque, psygressive and dark progressive. He mostly prefers sticking to heavy loaded abounding atmosphere, harmony, composition, story and groovy, powerfull and satisfactory baselines.

“BARG-IN” is Bartu Sezgin was born in Istanbul/Turkey. Resident Dj at CRYSTAL KIDS. First of his career as a musician started with playing guitar in Thrash Metal and Metal Core bands at 2004. He played electro guitar and battery has given many concerts with a some of metal band between 2006 to 2012. He was also interested about electronic music back then but he started djing at 2014. During 2015 he was playing at special party and organisation. In 2012 he had international experiences about djing.His sets are usually energic, with strong and different basslines, sharp percussions, plump atmospheres , melodic , deep synths.

BARG-IN Mixes; Psychill / Psybient / Chillgressive / Psydub / Zenonesque / Psygressive / Progressive / Dark Progressive / FullProg / Fullon / Twilight / Forest / Hitech / Psycore .

psychotherapy is a psytrance project founded by Berk Özyazıcı. Berk, was born in 24 Feb 1987 in Istanbul and started his musical career by playing bass in trash and nu metal bands in 2002. He started to shift towards electronic music in 2004 and was introduced to electronic, electro rave, jungle, drum n bass and electro punk. He was a part of the band silent hill which focused on electro trash. In the late 2004 he was introduced to psychedelic trance by his friends and started performing around Turkey in 2006, with the stage name Psychotherapy. In 2011 he created his second psytrance project with his friend Kaan Öncel (Khan), named Mutation Brothers. Main focus of Psychotherapy is pure psytrance, twillight psy, nigth time fullon, darkpsy and hi tech. Psychotherapy is a label dj of Goachestra event records and he is part of The Crystal kids. The artists he shared stage with are; avalon, egorythmia, Lyctum, atma, flooting grooves, u recken, Fobi, Blisargon demogargon, Aodioiboa, cosmosis, trymbaka, Zymosis, Alienapia, DigitalX methodic marble, namma ohm , dictum maldictum, ugly duck, arcek, Moksha, MayaXperience, SkaZzAK, 7thDimension, mentalecho,Intelligent Monkey, whackywhack, Midi Junkies

*Intruments which can be played by him: Piano,bass quitar,synthesizer,percussion.
*Place which he performs: Monx Istanbul, Salinas Night Club, Koma Taksim,a’pera, Bursa Ka bar, Monks Kadıköy, Mojo Beyoğlu, Beat club, Publika nişantaşı. Depo taksim, Riddim taksim, Temple, Goril, Barbar Bursa, rabbit, 1871,