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January 9, 2016 [Krow]


Event info

Date: January 9, 2016
Location: Krow
Address: Asmalımescit Mah. Şehbender Sk. No: 4 Beyoğlu Istanbul

Yeni yilin ilk partisinde KROW Asmalimescit`de guzel bir line up ile sizlerleyiz. Uluslararasi konuk sanatcimiz Yunanistan`dan LOONEY epik dark setiyle bizlerle olacak. Etkinlik iki sahneden olusmaktadir; dinlenmek isteyen alt katta cosmak isteyen ust katta 😉 Haftaicinin stresini 9 Ocak 2016 Cumartesi gecesi hep beraber atip biraz olsun nese dolmak icin bulusalim ♥
At the first party of the new year, we are with you at KROW Asmalimescit with a nice line up. Our international guest LOONEY will perform his unique dark live set. The event consist of two stages; chill is at lower floor and main is at upper 😉 Let`s meet up to release the stress of the week and fill up with joy in 9th Jan 2016 on Saturday ♥

✫ Main Stage ✫
❂ Looney (Live) – Gr
Disco Valley Records / BANYAN RECORDS )

❂ Ramizes
24/7 Records / Crystal Kids )

❂ Psychotherapy
( Goachestra Event Records )

❂ Midi Junkies (Official)
Geomagnetic – Plusquam Records )

✫ Chill Stage ✫
❂ PacK
Crystal Kids )

❂ The Crystal Drop
Crystal Kids )

— • VISUALS • —
✫ Joules Neveu
— • DECO • —
✫ Crystal Kids
— • PHOTO & VIDEO • —
✫ im photo
— • ENTRANCE • —
✫ 25 TL
22:00 – 00:00 RAMIZES
00:00 – 01:30 MIDI JUNKIES
01:30 – 03:00 PSYCHOTHERAPY
03:00 – 05:00 LOONEY (Live)
23:00 – 02:00 THE CRYSTAL DROP
02:00 – 05:00 PACK

★ Crystal Kids etkinlige uygun bulmadigi kisileri etkinlige almama hakkina sahiptir.
★ Mekan icinde uygunsuz davranis gosteren arkadaslar etkinlikten uzaklastirilir.
★ Etkinlik atmosferini korumak adina; bay arkadaslarin bayan arkadaslariyla gelmesini onemle rica ederiz.
★ Bina icerisinde SIGARA ICMEK YASAKTIR.
★ Crystal Kids have the right not to accept participants who are not suitable for the event.
★ Misbehavior is not tolerated.
★ We kindly request male friends to attend to the event with their female friends in order to keep the atmosphere reasonable.



★•••• B I O G R A P H I E S ••••★


Looney is the project under Kyriakoss Looney based in Greece!
Started like as bass player in the age of 13 and played in local bands in his hometown from 1992-1996! Continue and pass into the electronic scene in 1997!!!! 2001 started to play as dj around Greece and Europe and slowly started to learn about music production!! The last years Looney is performing around Europe and India performing his usic and start new projects around!! The style hypnotic and twisted…is giving to the listener the different layers of frequencies in an orchestrical spectrum of unique sound!!!


Ozzy Cetin aka MysticismRamizes & Freetech was born in 1984 in Istanbul and discovered psy-trance at the age of 18 over the albums of Kox Box, CosmosisHallucinogenGoa GilAstral Projection (Official).etc. Since then he has been gathering a psy-trance archive which still continues. In the city he studied his BA, Ozzy organized various indoor psy trance parties and mixed tracks as Ramizes between 2004 – 2007. Meanwhile, he helped out his producer friends by giving them ideas and loops for their new tracks.

Since 2006 Ozzy has also been involved in some of the most well respected festivals and psy organisations around the planet such as Soulclipse, Ozora Festival officialPsy-FiSonica Dance Festival,earthcoreTree Of Life FestivalFree Earth FestivalNeon FestivalPsy-Boutique FestivalMind Manifest Project and many more. He now dedicates himself to his psy-trance organizations community, Crystal Kids, to spread the word through the minds which are ready to unite with respect, peace & love ♥.

Ozzy as a DJ mixes; Psychill / Psybient / Chillgressive as Mysticism atAltar Records, Progressive / Dark Progressive / Fullon / Psytrance asRamizes at 24/7 Records and Twilight / Forest / Hitech as Freetech atFutura Récords and Productions.



Psychotherapy is a psytrance project founded by Berk Ozyazici. Berk, was born in 24 Feb 1987 in Istanbul and started his musical career by playing bass in trash and nu metal bands in 2004. He started to shift towards electronic music in 2006 and was introduced to electronic, electro rave, jungle, drumn bass and electro punk. He was a part of the band silent hill which focused on electro trash. In the late 2006 he was introduced to psychedelic trance by his friends and started performing around Turkey in 2008, with the stage name Psychotherapy. In 2011 he created his second psytrance project with his friend Kaan Öncel (Khan), named Mutation Brothers. Main focus of Psychotherapy is pure psytrance, twillight psy, nigth time fullon, darkpsy and hi tech. The artists he shared stage with are; CosmosisTryambaka , Namma ohm , Dictum maldictum, Ugly duck, ArcekMentalecho, Intelligent Monkey,WhackywhackTmx Mind , PSYSARI, Artra, Midi Junkies (Official), Psytiger, Dj Virtualien, Dr gonzo and many more..


Midi Junkies (Official) is psychedelic trance project of M. Ali Vural who is currently based in Turkey / Istanbul. Ali started to play piano when he was 7 years old. He is playing goa and psytrance since 2004…The main style is morning full on and goatrance …
Released a few EP’s on Geomagnetic & Psytropic Records.

❂ PACK ❂

Onur Pekinöz aka PacK was born in Istanbul. He started getting interested in music 15 years ago playing guitar and drums. After completing his DJing course at Connection Records, Turkey; he started mixing tracks as a Dj at 2010. By that time he was playing house / techno. Psytrance was calling him so hard and he started play psytrance in 2013. Since then he played at almost all indoor psytrance parties in Istanbul. In 2014-2015 summers he was in the line up at all outdoor festivals in Turkey. He plays progressive psytrance and twilight as well as psydub.